Nature's Way and how we started

Edward Burns
Founder Nature's Way

One day while working in the gardens my wife noticed how good the plants were doing and the worm population. We studied and found that all organic worm castings were the reason. So we decided to start a worm farm.   Our farm has grown from one little bucket of 200 worms to over 250,000 worms.  We have added new products that come from our farm.  Our products are good for the environment ,and ethical.   All the while  we will continue to watch Mother Nature and how she does things and we will make products that will be effective and not hurt the environment. I promise to never make a product that has unintended consequences like so many other products on the market today.


For example: Nitrogen. ​(In most chemical fertilizers)

Ever since Justus von Liebig , a German chemist, also known as the "father of the fertilizer industry" for his discovery of nitrogen as an essential plant nutrient, we have been polluting the earth with chemicals. Rather than watching how Nature fertilizes using nitrogen fixing bacteria,  which pulls the nitrogen from the air that we breath for free, we use chemicals that run off into our water supply and create dead zones across the globe (unintended consequences). These dead zones allow nothing to live under the massive algea blooms.

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